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Added Geodude with Sand Veil to the list.

Originally Posted by NirvanaNerd View Post
Yeah that will work. IVs in HP and Defense. EVs: 248 HP / 244 Def / 16 SpA (If you were even doing that. It's not completely necessary)
Sure, I'll get those IVs in HP and defense. It will take some time since it's kind of random. Does the slowpoke have to be a female?
I can infect the slowpoke with PKRS and then you can train it, is that alright with you?

Originally Posted by Sakurah View Post
Are the breedable Pokemon free? If so, I would love to take Pichu with Wish, any nature and gender is fine.
Yeah, you can have a Pichu with Wish, I have some in my boxes to throw away so you can have it
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