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Both the TV show and games are getting better and better.

Comparing Best Wishes to the older shows, Best Wishes is way better because of the superior cast. As we know, Pokemon's "story" isn't really the most interesting thing and it's just an episodic traveling show. So the most important thing are the characters. And sorry, but Iris and Dent are way better than Misty, May and Brock. Everyone is better than Hoehn/Sinnoh Brock. He should have left the show with Misty.

Games... Well, the series kept improving visually, that's obvious. As the time went, they spent more and more time creating a story, since Gen 1 and Gen 2 weren't really story driven (aka the story was really simple, go get those badges and beat Team Rocket on the way since the gyms are locked because of them). Gameplay also improved a lot. Just compare Red and Black. And I'm not just talking about the battles, but about the moves/stats etc.
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