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Quote originally posted by Sakurah:
Points in AWESOMENESS. I'm a huge Toku fan in general. xD
Do you think you can suggest one more Pokemon for me?
Oh! And do you have any spare Pokemon/eggs again?
In order:

I grew up with Godzilla movies, and some day I'll make a Theme Team of Kaiju from the series in my Pokemon game!

I would suggest the DW Bagon with Moxie. Very useful ability. If you're looking for something that's not dragon type, there's always my personal favorite, Larvitar.

I gave you all I could scrounge from the Eggs I had. I am in the process of sorting my boxes, and will send anything extra your way rather than releasing them. It will be quite a while though...

Oh, and yeah, I can do that for your much less awesome friend who DOESN'T GO TO POKECOMMUNITY!!!
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