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Originally Posted by Medlis View Post
How does Cobalion sound for:
Pokemon: Mr. Mime
Nickname: Mr. J / Harley
Gender: Male / Female
Nature: Timid.
Ability: Filter
EV's Trained: 4HP, 252 Sp. Atk, 252 Speed
What, no best IVs? Also, there's a lot of nerdy references going around, huh?

Originally Posted by Sakurah View Post
Yessss. DO IT!
And really?! Do you have a Bagon with Moxie ability?
If you do sort all your Pokemon, don't toss them out I'll love any of your extra/rejects!

And thank you!
How did you not know I had that? Didn't you request a DW Eevee, which would imply you saw my DW section? Unless you were requesting blindly...


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