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Pokémon Clubs Feedback & Discussion

Simply put; what would you like to see happen in the Pokémon Clubs section?

Would you like to see anything in the section changed? Would you like to see certain things being added? Would you like more events/contests? Would you want more emblems? Do you like how club approvals currently work? What do you think of the forced transfer of ownership rule? Do you think the reservations system works? Do you like the Grandmaster Thread? Are the section's rules clear enough for you? Is the club creation/CSS guide useful to you?

Don't feel like you have to answer all (or any!) of these questions, they're just general ideas of what to bring up and discuss, but if you have any comments/feedback/suggestions about the section then please post them here and we'll do our best to discuss and, if they're generally well liked, implement them into the section. And obviously keep suggestions reasonable when making larger suggestions such as rule changes and whatnot!

We currently are in the process of making a few minor changes to the section such as re-writing the clubs creation guide (the first couple posts that resemble huge walls of text will soon be replaced with a format similar to the section's rules thread for example) and similar things, but we'd love your feedback on how to make the section as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. Whether you're new and just dropping by or you're a PoC veteran, your comments will be very useful and hopefully we'll be able to improve the section for you based on your ideas. :)

Thanks in advanced!