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I find subtitles way too bloody distracting from anything it's involved in, whether it be anime or movies in another language, etc. In an anime or film in general, it's all about imagery. You shouldn't have words to distract you from the picture, for the same reason you wouldn't want a TV blasting something next to your ear while trying to get into a good book. You would constantly keep having your ear be lulled into listening to the TV, and your attention flies away even when your eyes continue to go over the sentences.

Dubbed allows more ease for me, and I'll admit, you may lose a bit of substance through it, but it's a take your pick kind of thing. Would you like to miss the actual anime/film, or some of the script? Unless you're trained to watch subbed things or don't find it an issue for you, dubbed is the way to go. Hey, there's still a possibility the translators were faithful to the original script and you may get some half-decent voice actors.
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