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Quote originally posted by codyweis:
Is anybody playing this on their android phone? is it possible?
Hey! Yes there is, and its very simple once u figure it out. Im playing mine now! Here are the steps for playing Pokemon liquid crystal on your Android phone

Step 1: download any regular Pokemon fire file on to your phone (
Step 2: locate and download the Pokemon liquid crystal game file off of this page, on to your phone. Make sure file ends in ".ips" (without quotation marks)
Step 3: Now that you have downloaded both files, locate them in your phones internal hard drive "dowloads" folder. If they are there, move on half way there!!
Step 4: in the same internal hard drive just outside of the downloads folder, create a new folder named "liquid crystal". Inside this folder, move both of the files you just downloaded. you should see something (similar, not exactly the same, the names may be different...)like this:


Step 5: just rename the Pokemon liquid crystal .ips file to the same as your fire file. Here is another SIMILAR example:

Pokemon_Fire_Red.ips <= the one we renamed <= original Fire red ROM left untouched

step 6: now heres where its kindof tricky. I use the "My Boy!" Free Android market emulater. So I would download that one and follow my last step for easiest results... Anyways what you do is open "My Boy!" Emulater, and direct the directory (lol) to the new folder you created. Open the file and open the Pokemon_Fire_Red.ZIP file. (not the ips file!!!) And BAM! Enjoy to save the game, just do in game save.

[edit: totally tried to convince everyone that LC is a ruby hack instead of fire red... Its late and im tired, what can I say? lol) anywayysss... Fixed!
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