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Quote originally posted by `Brianna:

Count me in! I'm not gonna reserve for anything, but I'll get my SU up asap! :D
Okay, I'll be waiting patiently for it :D

Quote originally posted by TatlTael:
Hey can you reserve the growlithe for me? I'll have my SU up ASAP
Sure, buddy. Your reservation will last 24 hours!

Quote originally posted by machomuu:
Alright, my edits are done and my SU is (hopefully) completed. I might add a headshot later, but I'll actually have to get good at drawing before that happens q:
And with that, you're accepted!
-Regal recieved a Pokedex!
-Regal recieved 10 Pokeballs!

Regal recieved a Zorua!

-Bug Bite

Quote originally posted by -Sam:
scrapping marty, because the age requirements are different this time :d
xD Lol, the end of the SU made me laugh to no end. Regardless of that, you may now consider yourself accepted!
-Willie recieved a Pokedex!
-Willie recieved 10 Pokeballs!

Willie recieved a Totodile!

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