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I think it's a mistake to try and classify anime and manga as just Japanese versions of western equivalents. The biggest problem I have with the argument Nick & company is presenting is that you're grouping all of that media together because the delivery medium is the same (aka, they're all technically "TV shows" or "comic books"), and you're completely ignoring the foundational differences between them. Nobody would look at Adventure Time or Regular Show and say "oh yeah, that's the same genre as Trigun, or Kenshin," because the two types are ENTIRELY different. There are next to zero truly serious cartoons produced in western culture, where as anime stories have actual depth and distinct personalities.

I think one of the other issues is the name of the forums being so similar. It may be called "Japanese Entertainment," but as digi said in previous posts, that was a later change from the original name of "Other Anime & Manga." The forum is still primarily an anime and manga forum, and I can't imagine those topics being placed alongside the other general entertainment topics. Maybe if the JE forum was more inactive, like Tabletop for example, then I would consider merging them. But as it is I believe it still has enough activity to warrant being separate, and I think it would be selling it short if we ditched it.

As for the argument of "well why don't we have a German Entertainment forum, or an Italian Entertainment forum," I think the key difference is the subculture that has developed around anime/manga. It's an undeniably distinct group that other cultures can't compare to, and especially on a forum based around an anime/Japanese video game I believe it has a place.

I saw it mentioned before but I would totally support renaming the forum back to Other Anime & Manga and putting any of those music threads (unless they relate to an anime) or jdrama/whatever else into General Entertainment.

As far as activity goes, I still think it would be a boost to a bunch of forums if we finally got rid of the stupid clubs forum. :/ But I know that's a more involved discussion.
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