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I know this thread isn't about clubs so I'm sorry if I'm contributing to the further derailment from topic, but I'm not comfortable operating my clubs within Other Chat, which is where most of mine would go as the "catch-all".

The shelf life of a thread in any section other than a clubs forum is generally negligible, because a clubs forum has rules (or at least the potential for rules) and an environment where dying threads are able to be revived if any member of the club cares enough about them. The sign up sheet at which many scoff is actually the glue that keeps these threads together as people get to feel like they're part of something rather than just another person discussing a topic, and that keeps them coming back.

Also, the culture of Other Chat & Discussions is very different. It is far more of a "discussion and debate" kind of area, which is not what a club is supposed to be. The LGBT Club, for instance, I prefer to think of as the "LGBT DCC" in that we just get to chat about current happenings in the homo-sphere and talk about what's happening in that area of our lives. I think the culture would change drastically in OCD and not for the better.

The Atheist Alliance is slightly more compatible with OCD only because a lot of Christians feel the need to come in and keep us atheists in check as though it's a matter of public service. Even still, I only encourage that to the degree that it fuels discussion rather than outright debate, which previous OCD threads on the topic of religion have told us will invariably happen.

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