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Originally Posted by LightningAlex View Post
Whoa, I can't believe I haven't seen this thread yet. This looks fantastic, and I'll definitely be watching this project.

So trading will be possible between characters? Also, what about the legendary Pokemon? Will they appear in the game? Will they be only catchable once by every trainer, or just once, meaning that if someone catches it, other players won't be able to?
I can't answer those questions yet, once we are completely done with the game engine we can start thinking on that.

Originally Posted by Anglican View Post
This is Impressive. I've known games similar-ish to this idea, but this one seems the most polished. Out of curiosity, will it have an offline mode too?
Only online :p

There are lots of update being made, I'll re-do the main thread very soon to show the new stuff.

Meanwhile I was testing these cursors, and will probably use them :p

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