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Originally Posted by zephyr6257 View Post

First, because legally, you can't get married till you're 18 (or whenever depending on what country you live in.) So unless you have the endurance of a Golem, you need to wait till you're of marriable age (lol i don't know if that's grammatically correct) and that's a heck of a long time. I morally don't like live-in partners, for several reasons, so I don't count that.

Second, having a boyfriend/girlfriend sort of narrows your list of friends.

I could quote your whole post and find things I disagree with but these two points stood out to me the most. First of all, you're implying that relationships have to end in marriage. That's crap. Lots of people are more comfortable without the commitment of marriage in their relationship, and that's fine.

Your second point is just as bad. How on earth does being in a relationship narrow your list of friends? It's your choice if you want to spend time with your girlfriend or boyfriend over your mates. My last relationships had absolutely no impact on my friend list. In fact, if anything it got larger because I got to know my girlfriends friends and their friends, etc.

Honestly being in a relationship at a young age is perfectly okay, and it angers me greatly when people say that young people can't 'love' or 'don't know what love is.' That's implying you can only experience love at a certain age which is definitely not true, because I know for a fact that I've experienced love at the age of 13. If two people are happy together then it's fine, whether they're 10 or 18 or 60.

Next, experiencing relationships at a young age is just setting you up for future relationships. You learn from mistakes, you learn how to talk to the opposite sex and develop social skills. You learn what a relationship entails and gain more confidence in yourself. I'm sure someone that is 25 and never had a girlfriend before wishes that they could have had one at a young age.

Basically no, I don't think it's stupid.
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