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Yeah, this team isn't going to do well in OU, even if it has one of the most used Pokemon on it.

You have two Pokemon with Choice Bands, also. That's not always allowed since Item Clause could be in effect. I suggest that with Haxorus, you use the Life Orb. Outrage + EQ + Brick Break with Swords Dance can make that deadly. Use Swords Dance once, then annihilate everything in your way.

Haxorus is OOU (over-over-used) while most of your others are lower tiers. In an OU metagame, you're going to get flattened.

So that means you're going to have to make a few changes. Swap Raticate for Rattata - the best part about Rattata is that you don't even have to train it, just breed. All you need is Quick Attack and Endeavor. Give it a Focus Sash. Use Endeavor with your enemy's first attack, then Quick Attack so you strike first. BE CAREFUL what you use this against. You don't want anything that knows Protect or a priority move.

Emboar can be replaced by either Blaziken or Infernape. If it's Blaziken, some rulesets ban its Speed Boost ability obtained from the Dream World, so give it Blaze to be safe. Infernape is probably the better of the two when you don't factor in Speed Boost.

Now, if you're giving Haxorus Brick Break and also having a fighting-type on your team, Bisharp doesn't need a fighting move. Bisharp has a decent movepool and a good typing that's only OHKO'd by Fighting moves. I think. I'm not as good with the Gen 5 Pokemon

Really, you're overdoing the Fighting-moves. Every Pokemon here seems to have one except Cloyster.

I do understand that you wish to use your favourites, but they can't always get you far. If you want to use them, go ahead, just expect things to not go well. Haxorus can't be used in lower tiers if you do go that route, but keep in mind what rulesets you need to follow.