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Welcome to PC, everybody! Hope you've all been enjoying your stay here. :D

Originally Posted by casualsden View Post
Tbh, I don't think you guys should be so strict against new members. The PC has a huge forum and it might take some time to get used to going around, finding what you need, where to ask your question etc. New members should be able to ask their one or two questions in threads like this one as well imo without exaggerating much.
They are allowed to ask their first few questions here, actually! But threads that are only questions and not introductions at all will be locked after I've given an answer, since there really is nothing else to say once a question's been answered (that and our focus is greeting new members here). If they introduced themselves and asked a question or two, I'd answer the question and leave it open so other members can welcome that member.

It'd be allowed in this thread since we greet and help new members out here. New members are more than welcome to ask here if they're confused! We do have the PokeCommunity Questions & Feedback section located right above New Users / Welcome though, which is by far the best place to go for some of these issues. Regardless, I know it can be confusing, so new members are allowed to ask their first few questions in this thread!

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