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Originally Posted by Yuzuru Otonashi View Post
That *insert expletives of your choice* Miltank. NOTHING was as bad as that thing.
When I was a kid, this. Totally this.

In my current Crystal playthrough, Miltank went down easy after I leveled everyone up once, getting my Chikorita PoisonPowder and my Gastly curse. Thus, all I needed to do was stall with Chikorita's Reflect up.

Other boss Pokemon that annoyed the crap out of me were Bugsy's Scyther and Jasmine's Steelix. I was a kid who had no grasp of type advantages and Steelix took forever. Chikorita makes the game the challenge I want xD

Really, it was just the frustration of endless tries taking down the beasts that gym leaders sent out. Nowadays, I want INTENSE BATTLE! BEGIN!

Nowadays, it's kind of annoying going back so far and having what seems to be an unpolished game, but that's only because it's so old - for its time, it was something else. It's hard to go back before Gen III... I always find myself worrying about Static and Poison Point even though abilities don't exist xD
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