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By "full team," I am referring to the six Pokemon that you plan on challenging the Elite Four with.

Do you have your entire team by the fourth badge, or do you potentially wait to get some until later in the game, when they might require excessive training and development? Do you catch your team early on so you can have a full journey with them?

I typically get my Pokemon earlier in the game, at least before I have all of the badges, so I can teach them the moves I want them to know. It's more convenient for me to have my entire team by the fifth badge, with one potentially being swapped later.

However, I'm considering using a Weavile in BW2 whenever I end up getting it, and you can't get Sneasel until after the last badge. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. I'm not asking for advice, I'm asking for opinions about this: Would you do something like that, if it was a Pokemon you wanted to use, but you couldn't use it until that late? Does the amount you'd be able to use it affect your feelings toward using it?
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