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Quote originally posted by MiTjA:
After someone finishes R or S, they unlock the E-key, which can be sent to another unplayed R/S to change it into E.
Similar to the keys in BW2, just on a bigger scale.

That way if you got 2 games, it would be equivalent of buying one and the third version.
I hate those Keys so so much. I wanna be able to play on hard mode from the beginning!

I don't know if that would work, though, because there would have to be data for two completely different sets of dialogue and events, and that would completely limit what they could fit on one card.

If they do remakes, they'd probably have two villain teams, but with one legendary making itself catchable to you. Of course, plain old remakes would be BORING because there wouldn't be a big difference at all!

And they would not replace May. She's popular and was in the anime. Same goes for Dawn. And Hilda is popular too.