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Originally Posted by KingKaos View Post
“Holy Burrito”
Name: Leo
Dude... You do realize this is a slightly edited version of your SU for Leaf Storm's How To Train Your Pokemon, do you?

I'm sorry, but you'll have to start over with a different SU if you want to be accepted. I also suggest adding your character a last name for the sake of having a full name...


As a side note, I will soon post a sign-up of mine for the RP, it'll be for two NPCs based upon a pair of recent characters introduced in the most recent Pokemon games, which means it'll be a double SU! :3

Have some potatoes and let's see how quick you can guess who they are! *throws potatoes at everyone*

Originally Posted by Pokemonmaster_draco View Post
Holy Burrito
Name: Falcon Gormaiden
FALCON DIED xD This made my day, or night, whatevs...
-Falcon recieved a Pokedex!
-Falcon recieved 10 Pokeballs!

Falcon recieved a Turtwig!


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