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Natural selection doesn't always apply to humans, and it's unfortunate. Like this one time this idiot walked into the crosswalk at a busy intersection despite her light being red and her going right into traffic. It was like a video game and that cars would automatically stop for her... and she was on her cell phone yacking. Moron.

It's true that some people burn themselves to death or destroy their house with bug bombs or use a fire to thaw their tanker truck's gas line (yes, those are all true stories I've heard) and they naturally don't survive, but "natural selection" only applies to self-infliction for humans. It's sad that it's a crime to run over a woman who is walking in the middle of the street, because she was basically killing herself. The worst part is that those idiots breed and have no idea how to educate their children, so the epidemic continues because of it.

Also, shows like Teen Mom exist and give spotlight to things that don't deserve it, making it look like teenage pregnancies are okay. They're not. Women without high school diplomas are nowhere near prepared to raise their children, plus they don't have the life experiences or the money, thus their kids have it rough and can't always grow up to be responsible, which is bad for society.

There's also the fact that there is no American President right now. Obama is too busy campaigning and concerning himself with pageantry as opposed to doing his job, and he's letting illegal immigrants come in waves, taking jobs from Americans out of their need as opposed to ours, thus killing the economy. This system is flawed and fuels peoples' fire, because they can't find a job and instead rely on the government to pay their way, which is really taxpayer dollar, and that only increases their entitlement (I'm not trying to spark political discussion, I'm merely making a point at how our system fuels people's selfish entitlement).

Our education system is also too messed up. I mean, one in three Americans can't point out the US on a map. What the hell is wrong with those people? Is our system not working? Why are we so concerned with teaching students high-level math over common sense, which isn't so common anymore?

I really dislike the state of humanity right now, and I constantly find more and more reasons to lose hope. I posted about that Retail comic strip in the Retail fan club as a recommendation to them, and the truths in that strip sadden me. Stupid customers that have no idea how things work. Selfish people who always try to get their way no matter what the cost or rules broken. It's a sad world right now, and because its people can't come together to stop the plague because they're too entitled and stupid to, we're going to be stuck with this until the human race kills itself... which may be during our lifetime.
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