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Originally Posted by GoddessAurora View Post
I think its a to young of an age to be worrying about bf/gf. Your still a kid enjoy the life of playing having fun etc. well you still can. Belive it or not having a boyfriend or girlfriend is a lot of work and responsibility and no ten year old will actually love love love someone. We all misunderstand the word love and the meaning of it. I think at a kid age love is puppy love. And just the thought of kids... doing something scares me lol. Anyways I think its just better to have lots of friends enjoy the youth and be glad you don't have a million things u got to do.
It's impossible to say that "kid age love is puppy love" because your perception and opinion of what love is is constantly changing. Yes, you'll probably look back on your teenage relationships and think "I wasn't really in love with them" but at the time, it does feel like love and if that's what you feel you're experiencing, then that's what you are.

I pretty much agree with all of Will's post, especially that relationships a little earlier in life set you up for successful future relationships. It's worth having some fun when you're young and enjoying yourself and enjoying just spending time with someone you genuinely really care about. It means you can set yourself a realistic standard of relationship that you can aim to find in the future and that's a really good thing.

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