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Lucy - Base of Mt. Coronet
Lucy took Amethyt's hand and gripped it in a firm manner, quite content to offer this to the other. She was however distracted by Creed's presence, looking behind herself at him in an ever so slightly unnerved manner. What was he doing back there..? She decidedly didn't seem all that bothered by the male's position, or at least not enough to do anything about it.

...The group would move along at their own pace for a while. Progress was made. They were now approaching the base of Mt. Coronet.

A figure, ...female, was present in their path. She seemed to be upset over something, or perhaps... in pain? She gripped at her head and shot a glare in the group's general direction. A strange formation in the form of an actual battle-axe protruded from the sides of her skull, and heavy reptilian armor covered the backside of her body. A thick tail protruded from her backside. It was.. a haxorus wielder. Lucy caught the girl's gaze and returned it with her own, staring skeptically as they approached as if to ask the other what in the world she was looking at.

...But really, the more she looked the more she was unnerved. This girl had something strange about her. Her eyes stared with unwavering intent. No thought was evident behind them. Lucy abruptly stopped, ceasing to trust this girl enough to walk right by her, and with good reason. A tremor rocked the girl's body and she abruptly turned, taking a rather unsteady step towards the group, or rather Lucy in particular. Lucy tensed immediately because of the very odd behavior, which turned out to be an appropriate reaction because the haxorus wielder proceeded to reach out towards her in a violently manner, clawed hands threatening to dig into her. She was fast, extremely fast even. Lucy didn't have time to properly defend herself from such an abrupt, vicious close range attack.

"W-What the hell--?!" she exclaimed before gritting her teeth as draconic claws dug into her upper side opposite Amethyst. At this point Lucy would let go of the other girl, needing her hand for something slightly more important. Lucy's fist glowed with an awesome power, and she proceeded to strike out and slug the other girl right in the face with a dynamic punch. It /looked/ very painful, and packed enough force that the other's clawed hands were forcefully removed from Lucy's side by the sheer recoil she received. However, the other took the attack with inhuman grace, fitting for a powerful wielder. That is to say, she didn't seem to notice that Lucy had just /wrecked/ her face. Rather, she came right back at Lucy and used the battle-axe formation on her skull to slice directly up her arm, evoking an unrestrained scream from Lucy. It was counter. The attack left Lucy's arm limp, and she was clearly injured in a rather significant manner, as she clutched at said arm with a confused look on her face. What had just happened? Why were they being attacked? Why was this person so /vicious/? She didn't understand/

An inappropriate giggle escaped the haxorus wielder's lips, equally wild and almost involuntary in nature. This was despite the that she'd just suffered a brutal punch to the face. The lights were off. Nobody was home. Though many would be unqualified to recognize it at a glance, unrestrained madness was all that could be observed in the girl's eyes. Without further warning, she would reach out and attack to sink her claws into Lucy a second time, though by this point any others had enough time to interfere if they desired.
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