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Day 8:
Used the Poke flute radio on Snorlax and defeated it
Defeated Brock (19-0)
Defeated Blaine (20-0)
Defeated Blue using type effective moves on each of his Pokémon (21-0)
Grinded whole team to level 60
Defeated E4 and Lance again (26-0)
Defeated Red (27-0)


Bob IV the level 60 Feraligatr - Star Player
-Rock Smash

WBFS the level 61 Quagsire - Mascot
-Rain Dance

Unicorn the level 60 Seaking - Band
-Horn Attack

Laserbeam the level 60 Staryu - Cheerleader

Sparky the level 61 Lanturn - Fans
-Confuse Ray

Jigsaw the level 61 Dewgong - Sponser
-Ice Beam
-Take Down

Good Luck to all other challengers, have fun!


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Current Challenges:

On Hold: (Don't have X/Y)
Water UMC (FR/C/S/D/W)
Dragon UMC (FR/SS/S/P/W)

Complete Challenges:
Squirtle->Wartortle->Blastoise Solo Run (FR)
Flying Monotype (FR)