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So my journey began today.

Raced my way to Cheren to get C-gear. Riolu destroyed his normal types with Force Palm.
Traded over an egg and boxed Snivy.

Smashed through Virbank and ruined Roxie without Aron receiving a single scratch

Currently in Castelia facing the entrance to Burgh's gym.

Aron had no trouble with Burgh.
Detoured back to Virbank and caught Magnemite.
Met some guy named Corless, a scientist who said he wanted to study my Pokemon. Let him.
Survived the desert and met this cute girl named Rosa in Nimbasa ;D. She gave me the Vs Recorder (I think she wants me)

Current team:

Interdum (m)
level 29

Aurum (m)
level 27

level 12