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Just a quick update. I'm currently training for the gym batlle with Skyla. Prof. Juniper gave me a Lucky Egg, so most of my Pokemon will be getting massive level boosts. Say your prayers, every Audino on Route 7. My Eevee is also finally ready to evolve, but I'm still debating which Eeveelution to evolve Eevee into. The strong attacker Espeon, or the tough tank Umbreon? If I evolved Eevee into Umbreon, I would probably have to switch out Krokorok, since I don't really need two Dark types on the team. I would replace Krokorok with either Magnemite or Joltick, but I't leaning towards Joltick since my team has weakness with Fighting and I don't need another Steel type. Espeon would fill a hole in my team and a Psychic Type would balance it out. I also will be needing a Fire Stone soon to evolve my Growlithe at the optimum time. Anyone know where to get a free Fire Stone in White 2 besides running around in caves? Growlithe needs to evolve soon or he won't be able to fight. He can dish out damage, but he can't take it. I can't post my team status since my game is somewhere else. Don't really fell like getting it.
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