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I abstain from drugs and alcohol by choice, which I guess could be seen as "straightedge" though it's a bit of a wanky term lol. I don't do this to be "straightedge", I just think these are costly and largely pointless activities and if I can have fun without them (which I can) why would I start? If you don't start something, you never miss it, so that's why I'm not going to go there.

As for promiscuity, there's nothing wrong with that in my book. Well I won't even say 'promiscuity' because that has judgmental overtones. I'll call it healthy sexual expression. I don't abstain from that because it's fun, I practice it safely and it has no harmful side effects. Abstaining from sex for any reason other than you personally not being ready to take that step is silly, in my opinion.

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