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Originally Posted by RenegadeShroom View Post
Also, Emerald made more sense, because Team Magma had a base in a logical location for them, and them trying to blow up Mt. Chimney actually made sense, because their stupid excuse of "oh, we want to make more land" -- which makes so sense because Mt. Chimney is nowhere near the ocean -- was just to cover up the fact that Groudon was sleeping inside the mountain in Emerald, as opposed to under the ocean. And Kyogre and Groudon battling was more intense than just either of them sitting in a cave.

Personally, I'm hoping that if/when they make remakes, they'll be sequels rather than just remakes. But if they decide to go against that, hopefully they have more forced battles with Wally, and Brendan/May actually fully evolve their starters. . . xD
I think people would enjoy sequels a lot more, I know I would