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Emile Hersch turned 30 today. Who the hell is Emile Hersch?
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Hey Shiny_Wooper and Ravenclaw! Welcome to our little group! :D. Join us, start posting pics of your plushies! (well, when you get to 15 posts and can post links, that is )

oh my wingman, you are not hideous! Though I must admit you are not nearly as adorable as that Mew! . And the fact that it was your first plushie makes it that much cuter. You can see he's been well-loved

Also I've seen so many Oshawott plushies by this point that it takes a lot for an Oshawott to impress me, but dayum! That thing is huge!

I will get to posting my first ever plushie (though there are probably pictures of him somewhere in this thread already) but it's after midnight now so... later

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