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Just got my copy of Pokemon White 2 and have just started playing. Managed to get my starter, which was a female on my first try.

Also, my name theme for this playthrough will be 'Gender Blender Names', where I give male pokemon female names and vice versa. Generless pokemon will be given any name I choose though

Current Team

Matt (Snivy)

Lvl. 5 [F]
- Tackle
- Leer
- (empty)
- (empty)



Got through Route 19 and met Alder there. Just passed through Floccesy Town and Route 20 and now in Floccesy Ranch.
Got a new team member, Marina (Psyduck) there.

Current Team

Matt (Snivy)

Lvl. 8 [F]
- Tackle
- Leer
- Vine Whip
- (empty)
Marina (Psyduck)

Lvl. 5 [M]
- Water Sport
- Scratch
- Tail Whip
- (empty)