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Evil Sorcerer and Newfound God

Vaati's Wicked laugh echoed, as the room was plenty big and more than enough room for echoing sound. His voice came out as sinister, but soft. "Don't worry, you aren't going to die, any of you. Once I've extracted all of the Goddess' powers from each of you, you'll be paired with a nice containment cell which, like your restraints now, are indestructible." The sorcerer pressed a few more buttons before turning and looking directly at the crowd. Red tainted eyes met each of them and he shook his head quietly. "Quite an interesting batch I've found, but regardless, your only purpose here is to relinquish your power to me. Which should only be a few moments longer."


"Are you sure this will work...?"

"Does it matter? If we don't try something we'll die here!"

"That is true... Go ahead. Let's hope this works."





"It... It worked!"

"Who'd have thought we'd get the lucky cell, huh?"

As she left her cell, she became increasingly aware of the patrolling guards. The bright Magenta fairy faded into her head, and she quickly found cover in the shadows.

"Hey, did you see the new batch of prisoners?" The guard spoke up.

"Yeah, weirdest batch yet. Two Hylians, a Rito, and... some rock machine thing." Another guard replied.

"Heh, they probably won't last five days in these cells. Except that Golem thing... If it can even die."

She huddled closer to the shadowy wall as the guards walked by, not even a foot away.

"Yeah, all of the other prisoners have died shortly after the draining."

"Except for that Wolfos thing. Hey, wasn't the old prince a Wolfos too?"

"I dunno, that was long ago. Speaking of Wolfos, her cell is right over here." He began to shout, "Hey, wolfy! Ready for your nightly beating?"

Now, you dink! Run! She emerged from the shadows and took off in full sprint, reaching a door. On the other side, she could hear the devilish voice of Vaati as he began to torment his prisoners with talk. Now's your chance! Get in there! We have a chance! She slipped past the door and began to howl:


Upon this howl, she gathered the attention of the room, as well as some less-than-happy birds outside, breaking through the windows and swarming Vaati. It didn't take long for him to literally incinerate them all at once, but by the time he had, it was too late. The slim black/gray Wolfos had broken right through the glass cylinder, and some of the triforce pieces were absorbed right into her. Her body began changing in color and shape, she became more muscular than slender, her color distorted and power began to emanate from her body. She became super-powered, and in an instant tackled Vaati to the ground.

He was completely unconscious, but she knew it wouldn't last long. She leaped up at a wall (literally twenty feet from the ground) and clamped her jaws on the lever. her weight pulled the lever down and with it, released the four drained heroes. The drop was unpleasant, but this was the only way. The hyper-powered Wolfos looked to the group. two were in pain, one was dented but operating, and one looked to be unconscious. "Look, there's no time for introduction, follow me and you'll live to see another day!" She pulled the Rito girl up onto her back, and without waiting for the other three, began to run over to the door she entered from, beginning to follow the maze of halls and corridors. Hopefully the others were able to keep up.

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