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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
I abstain from drugs and alcohol by choice, which I guess could be seen as "straightedge" though it's a bit of a wanky term lol. I don't do this to be "straightedge", I just think these are costly and largely pointless activities and if I can have fun without them (which I can) why would I start? If you don't start something, you never miss it, so that's why I'm not going to go there.
This, I also do not like the term. And also.. I just don't like the thought of not being in control of myself with drugs (or even too much alcohol.) I wouldn't want to try drugs because they are rather unappealing to me. I will have a drink every once in a while or with a meal- but not to get drunk : /
I will have sex when I am ready to have sex. I am in no rush, but I am not holding back for no reason either- I just want to be ready and comfortable.

I also think I have allergies to smoking; I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke and will often either start coughing, have red/sore eyes or throat, get a headache, or feel like vomiting even if someone is smoking like 3-4 meters away from me.
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