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Jimmy Hill

As the Hitmonlee walked off, Jimmy wasted no time in jerking out the map from his pants pocket. Fortunately, it hadn't fallen out, but it was all sort of crinkled up, making it slightly tougher to make out. If the reward was still up for the taking, it'd be uncharacteristic for the teen to disregard it. Xavier looked at him, pure astonishment and disbelief resided on his face.

"What are you doing?"

Looking briefly over at Xavier, Jimmy simply smirked. "What does it look like I'm doing, X?" He returned his attention back at the map, scrunching up his face as if he was concentrating.

"After what just happened? You're crazy!" Xavier had broke his concentration before it even begun.

"Maybe I am, but th-" Jimmy cut himself off, he was on the verge of mentioning the reward, the full badge piece. A wave of selfishness came over him. He didn't want to reveal the profits of the mission to Xavier for the risk of him wanting a piece of the profits. Then again the Hitmonlee had already spoken of said reward, but whether or not Xavier recalled was up for debate. "Look man, I'm trying to focus here." The words carried a little steam, but Jimmy didn't mean anything by it.

Apparently, Xavier hadn't noticed because he simply said, "Fine, but count me out, I'm not trying to die or be responsible for yours." A large frown developed as he turned away from Jimmy. He walked in such a slow manner, Jimmy was beginning to think that Xavier was waiting for him to change his mind. Jimmy sighed, running his fingers over the map. He started from where they were at now, tracing his finger over to the next closest location. As he looked off to the direction it lead, he realized that it followed the footsteps that the Hitmonlee from earlier had followed. Jimmy reviewed the map several times, attempting to memorize the other locations if needed. He hadn't even glimpsed back to check if Xavier had actually left or not.

Jimmy folded up the map and stuck it in his pocket, "Well, at this rate I'm not going to catch up on foot..." With a burst of light, Annie burst from her pokeball, rising into the sky before shortly descending down. He climbed atop the bird, patting her fluff. "Let's go girl." They ascended up into the air, following the footsteps until they disappeared amongst the trees, leaving the flight merely to Jimmy's dodgy photographic memory.

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