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Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
I think it would be cool if N and some of the sages were in the game. It was stated that N or the player was in unova during the events of BW 2 ( until N came back) also the players mom said the player was out looking for N.
N went out spreading truth and ideals in other places. Maybe one of those places could of been Hoen.
we know N was away from unova( why not hoen , to toe in the remakes in the gen 5 time line we know the sages are from different regions, I'm sure one of them could of been from hoen . Not all the sages were in unova in BW2 .

Also the memory link could be used for when N mentions the player in BW and BW 2 if he's rebattleable except without the legendary dragon.
Also it would be cool if we battle the main charecter from BW thru memory link it would know the name the sex and the starter pokemon.
You would fight his starter plus , his legendary dragon and a set team of hoen pokemon.
If you haven't beatin BW2, don't read this post:

N gave the BW2 player his Dragon, unless I'm missing something

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