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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Geez, I'm already in the non-believer camp, but I've never thought of this kind of situation before. There are probably lots of "good Christians" out there who have loved ones who are "sinners." This is reminding me of stories you read about, like ones of people who have left war-torn areas of the world, leaving their families behind and not knowing if they are alive or dead. I already thought those were pretty heart-wrenching stories, but if you were safe and you knew for certain that someone else was suffering that would probably crush you.
I spoke to my aunt a few months ago and was horrified at what she was saying. She's a hardcore Catholic, she watches EWTN all the time and goes to church multiple times a week. Her husband that she had been married to for 60+ years died a few years ago. She's insistent that he's in hell because he didn't go with her to church or believe in God. I was so taken aback and honestly hurt that she was so nonchalant about it.

Then I told her if God exists I couldn't imagine him being so unmerciful as to reveal that he exists to a person and then ignore their repentance in the afterlife to torture them for eternity, and she just kept interrupting me and saying "no" over and over again. ;_;

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