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Light flooded the small house and shined on Masahiro's face. He awoke with a dark look on his face. "Are you still there?" He questioned the room around him. A red eye appeared as if from no where. "Yes, but I can not venture out during the day. It would damage me so. I must stay here." The Dusclops materialized from thin air, startling the still-faced herbalist. "Alright then. I'll be off." Masahiro stood up and walked over to his wardrobe, then he opened it and pulled out his sword belt. It was a plain leather strap with a wood and leather scabbard with an engraving. He donned his boiled leather armor and strapped Night's Bane on, and retrieved his satchel. The herbalist's apprentice filled it with ingredients and potions, then exited his house.

Masahiro strided through the bristling streets with purpose, his heart intent on his quest. I know what I have to do. They will not get away with this. He had a dream last night, and it wasn't good. He was used to it. His life was filled with a lot of unpleasant things.
"Even though I am Hylia reborn, I am still my father's daughter, and your friend. I'm still your Zelda... So I'm going to ask you a favor, sleepyhead. Ever since we were kids, I'd always be the one to wake you up when you slept in. But this time, when all of this is over, will you come to wake me up?"
- Zelda