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Originally Posted by AChipOffTheOldBrock View Post
I think being "straight edge" is kind of gay. Probably, because at my old school the wannabe punk kids who didnt get invited to parties and couldnt get any hookups went straight edge. I smoke weed a lot and dabble in other drugs every once in a while. I dont drink much, partly because I hate the taste of alcohol and Im not really too fond of being drunk anyway and partly because alcoholism is very prevalent in my family. I pretty much do whatever I want regardless of what Im told is right. I do drugs for fun, out of boredom, or to cope with my Bipolar Disorder. I dont really see any point in not doing drugs/drinking. I think the reason a lot of people dont partake is ignorance. For those of you who have never done drugs and want to, do it, but be smart about it.
Are you saying that it's okay to break the law by using illegal drugs, and that it's "gay" if you don't?

I'm 100% straight, thank you very much. I don't like alcohol because of the effect it has on me, and cigarettes make me uncomfortable so I'm not going to try anything else. I also don't believe in sex before love, so... I don't get your point at all.
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