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Tell me if anything sounds familiar

Name: Alik Rizz
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Alik is roughly 5'7, weighs about 120 pounds, and has long, neon yellow hair that is strangely bright and spikes up naturally. His eyes are deep green and they look very strange with his neon yellow hair. His face is mature looking and he appears to be at least 17. He usually wears a bright yellow, long sleeved shirt with a large A imprinted on the front of it. Rizz keeps its sleeves rolled up. He also wears dark blue jeans and a necklace depicting a mountain. He has a scar across his face that will be explained in the backstory. Alik is generally muscular, but he isn't massive.

Personality: Alik is a pretty nice guy. He's very bold when talking to people. He doesn't flat out insult people, but he definitely doesn't let them say whatever they want without surpressing them. Alik is a bit of a flirt when he's talking to girls and he's actually GOOD at it. His not ugliness helps with that a lot as well. He is generally nice to guys as well. He is really quiet around people he doesn't know, but he's loud and witty around his known group of friends. The youth tends to freak out when the situation doesn't look very good, but he is fearless otherwise. He's always the first into a fight and the last to back out.

Backstory: Alik grew up in Olivine Town with his father. His mother died before he turned 12. He had a cousin who grew up in Azalea Town named Malik. Malik Grizz. Malik was an epic dude, but he disappeared into the Illex Forest. Alik's father was the master of the lighthouse, so he grew up with a lot of electric type pokemon. He helped his father take care of the lighthouse pokemon, so he was really good with pokemon. There was only one thing that bothered him: His fear of water types. Growing up in Olivine Town and fearing water types could be a problem. Once he was helping his father carry a lazy Electrivire to the lighthouse when a Gyarados came from nowhere and attacked them with a Hyper Beam. This hit him partially, scarring his face.

The lighthouse was always a second home for Alik. He spent a good majority of his days there. He was even there when IT happened. He was carelessly feeding an Ampharos its food when he felt a tremor. He soothed the Ampharos, but it began to panic. It thrashed around spraying electric bolts everywhere, forcing him down the stairs. When he walked outside, he saw the dragons destroying everything. He looked behind him after a second and watched the lighthouse collapse before his very eyes. In blind rage, he ran off into the nearby coastal cliffs. He finally emerged when he thought it was safe.

Starter Pokémon: Mareep