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Originally Posted by Guillermo View Post
As for supportership, I only did it for the pretty purple name.. which got changed to blue like a week after I donated, which left me totally depressed. Anyone that says they donated because they "want to see PC survive and prosper" is lying because a) PC would do just fine without your $10 and b) perks perks perks, which no one uses these days anyway.
Whoa, that's so not true. You know how half the time PC doesn't even load? It's because we don't have the money for better server hardware. We barely have enough to keep PC up, and a big chunk of that comes from supporter donations.

Originally Posted by droomph View Post
geez guys you're making me feel like I came too late or something
Nah, don't worry about it. It's human nature to be nostalgic about the past, and it definitely doesn't mean current-PC is any worse than the PC of yesteryear. Just think, one day years from now, people will look back at PC of right now and think "damn! I wish I was there, look at how cool it was!" :P
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