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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

Your Riolu isn't very happy... :D Not evolving before level 25 is a crisis :D
I was training it at night time, and was getting quite frustrated haha!

Head Smashed my way through Elesa with Aron.
Made my way to Driftviel and witnessed my first loss to Clay's Sandslash
Grinded on route 6 against some Pokemon breeder who wanted to battle me over and over.
Challenged Clay to a rematch.
Force Palmed Krokorok, Force palmed and paralyzed Sandslash,
Sandslash missed with bulldoze switched to Lairon, 2KO'd Sandslash and feinted to Excadrill.
Survived one bulldoze with Lucario, Excadrill survived one Force Palm.
Bulldoze missed and Lucario took out Excadrill.
So close. Good thing Lucario can jump hah!

Current team:

Interdum (m) level 34

Aurum (m) level 36

Wheatley level 13