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Quote originally posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers:
SwiftSign, do you have some kind of story arc that can bring us players together? Since we're quite different kind of persons and have different professions. Or are we sandbox-y enough that we should make up our own plots??
Quote originally posted by Claire*:
I was wondering how player interaction would be orchestrated also. I figured it was going to be something like Red suggested, people needing stuff, or just "randomly" bumping into each other on the same floor.
There will be no story arc near the beginning, since you're limited to floors though bumping into each other should work well .

As time goes by there will also be dungeon bosses, and the occasional 'random' event where something will happen for the players to fix - but the events are always optional.

So yeah, feel free to think up your players friends, acquaintances, etc. outside of just the RP players
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