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Originally Posted by itman View Post
Two ways you could do this. (Second is better)

One would be to make the "original" hero (OW #0) you're edited hero so you start out with it automatically, and then change it to the normal one when you want.

Second, if you want to keep hero #0 the original OW (for reasons such as when you're naming your character, this is the one that shows up, etc...actualy this option is better), make the first map you go to a black screen that covers the player (Edit one of the tiles in any palette to include a black tile that isn't a background). Then make a level script in that black map that will setvar 0x4054 0x0 and then warp you to your original starting map, and then continue from there.

Since JPAN's hack doesn't work with Start Map Chooser Advance, I would just Map 4.1 (starting map) the black map, and then just edit the map that was there to another one (CTRL + right click for grosser block so you can completely copy the old map).
I tried the first way, but that caused the problem of my Hero 'gliding' after using setvar. The running sprites didn't copy, since (when you use Overworld Editor you'll see it very well) most OW-sprites don't have the running animation programmed. The second way could work, I kinda thought of that (the use the script before anything else-method), but didn't really knew how. Using black tiles seems like a good idea.

And SMCA doesn't work with JPAN's hack, but I already knew which map was going to be the starter map, so I first used SMCA, thén JPAN's hack. Seems to work.

I'll try your method, I'll let you know if it worked.