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Grass: Sewaddle l It’s just so cute.
Fire: Torkoal | I love the idea behind having a defensive fire-type, even if it doesn’t work in practice.
Water: Corsola | Unbelievably adorable.
Flying: Skarmory |One of the only flying-types that I like, most likely due to its steel-typing.
Normal: Snorlax |Incredibly useful to me whenever I use it.
Fighting: Hitmontop |I love its design and it has a great ability
Psychic: Wobuffet |Totally unique Pokemon which is incredibly fun to use.
Dragon: Altaria |Really pretty design. I went back to catch a Swablu the first time I saw one.
Ground: Stunfisk |Unique typing, odd stats for a ground-type, and pretty nice design.
Ice: Cryogonal | Really interesting stat distribution, fun to use.
Bug: Forretress |I really like its design, and I’ve always had an affinity with defensive bugs.
Steel: Empoleon |Great Pokemon; found it really useful in Pearl.
Rock: Rhyperior |I don’t know why, I just think it’s cool.
Electric: Manectric |I love it’s typing and design, plus it has some nice stats.
Poison: Swalot |I found it so useful in Emerald that I’ve loved it ever since.
Dark: Umbreon | Good design, good typing, good stats.
Ghost: Cohagrigus| Mummy is an awesome ability, and Cohagrigus itself isn’t too shabby a Pokemon.