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I really wish we could add Pokedex entries to the new Pokemon but oh well. BTW, does anyone know where I can get 64x64 versions of Pokemon from Gen 4?

EDIT: Ingame, my pokemon keeps the background colour and he is missing his outline. How do I fix that?

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I think i am screwing up around the step where you open both pictures in paint and copy the one onto the other. When i try and import my picture it says it is not indexed, but i can import the picture that looks wrong (the one that i changed the RBGs of)

does anyone know how i can fix this? i really want to put gen 4 evolutions in my ruby hack!
I think paint in W7 makes it 256 colour again, screwing up the whole process. I tried decreasing the colour depth again but ingame it showed up weird(having the pink background, and no outline).

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