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Thanks for the reply. :] I think I'll be going with the changes to Tyranitar and Excadrill. And I agree that I need something to check water- I was thinking either Cradily, DW Seismitoad, or Gastrodon but Ferrothorn would work, too.

I'm not too sure about losing a bouncer, though. If anything, I'd drop Gothitelle and save him for a more lolzy team.

Also, I just acquired No Guard Golurk (haven't caught it yet, new version of rng reporter doesnt work for me so it's build is entirely flexible). I was thinking of going with an Adamant Rock Polish build;

-Rock Polish
-Dynamic Punch
-Ice Punch/Stone Edge/Shadow Punch

I wasn't too sure about the last move..No Guard makes Stone Edge reliable but I already have Excadrill/Landorus/Tyranitar. If I go with HP Ice Landorus would getting Thunder Punch be better than Ice Punch (since I'm losing Raikou)? Or maybe I can go a mixed build with Ice Beam to check Gliscor.
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