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Originally Posted by KingKaos View Post
Ok I have once again updated my backstory with better details and also changed my name to Kaiser. Any more improvements? I really do like this RP and want to join so I'm willing to keep trying till I get it.
And again, it's not blievable, how could a ten year old kid just run around the mountains nd fight with an Ursaring with not a single scratch at all?

Also, how exactl did Kaiser learned that oversight stuff? How was this whole training-thing letting him able to do this?

IO really need you to change the backstory DRASTICALLY, y'know?

Originally Posted by Reader_Maniac View Post
Is there one more spot left? I sort of lost count in the confusion, but if there is, could you reserve me a spot? If not, I'll be following anyway.
Why yes, five actually xD
It is exciting to see people interested in this RP :3

Originally Posted by heretostay123 View Post
Name: Alik Rizz
He was a captain for two years... and he's 16- You do realize you're saying he was 14 when he got his ship? Why would a kid be let to sail all around with no one watching over him? Also, why did everyone consider him a hero if he just... told people to do stuff?

I'm sorry for sounding rude or naggy, but your backstory makes from little to no sense... So, once again, I must ask you to make it more real, also, the personality is still too short, please, take a look around the SUs of the accepted characters so that you can have an idea of how long the personality should be, kay, kay? :3

And now, I'm off to edit my double SU!

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