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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
Not particularly looking forward to it. I will probably pick it up and play it at some point, but it isn't on my radar right now.

At the most basic level, I don't like the locale. It looks boring to me.
I feel exactly the same way. :/ I like the series overall so I'm sure I'll pick this up eventually but I have zero interest in buying it right now.

I need to stop watching trailers if I want to get excited for this game because each one I see disappoints me even more. Especially that one where Connor was leaping from snowy branch to snowy branch? Have the developers ever tried running on branches or tree trunks when they're covered in snow? There's no way he would slip and fall the twenty feet, breaking his neck. They are SLIPPERY. >:( You'd think I'd be able to suspend my disbelief for this sort of thing considering the physics the series has gotten away with in the past but apparently snow physics hit too close to home? Haha.
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