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Originally Posted by Pokemonmaster_draco View Post
Vato my good men, the IC is up and I'm just getting a little bit confuse of something, when we start our first post, do we have the Pokemon? Pokeballs? And Pokedex? Further on, In my first, do I stop when I get on the ship or when I have finally arrived at the shore of Castelia City?
I would like to apologize for any troubles and confussions caused sorry about that, and now, I will poceed to explain

You have recieved your Pokedex, Pokemon and Pokeballs straight from the world renowned Pokemon Professors. You are now ready to begin your journey on the newly formed world of Pokemon. Question is... where to go?
The previous means that, yes, you recieved them already, and you're currently with or looking for the professor.

- Your posts must be about your character arriving at the now small S.S. Libra II. You may proceed to post about your character aboard of the Libra and their arrial at Castelia City ONLY when I say you can. Same goes for posts outside of Castelia and in Lostlorn Forest.
In order to clarificate:

You post s much as you want until you board the ship, then you wait until everyone arrives at thei ship and I will then allow you to proceed. You post about your arrival at Castelia with a short trip by ship before this, where you may post/do as much as you want, you may even play with the setting i so you wish

You stop psting when you depart Castelia, and I will allow you to post one everyone has left.

You keep posting all the way to Lostlorn Forest and stop when you reach the part where the Chapter ends :3

If there's still any questions, don't hesitate to ask me, I'll be glad to aanswer them! :D

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