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Lol I blasted through all the gyms with a Stoutland (Dig, Return, Work Up, and Crunch, had take down until I got the return TM) literally ditched my starter (oshwott) for it (Xp share on a trapinch/vibrava). Even the second gym was pretty easy, the only hard gym for me was Elesa. Mostly because all I had for her was dig and that wasn't helpful on two of her Pokemon. Oh and paralyze sucks, hate it and static. Return is a pretty Bakker move, It one shots pretty much anything and Stoutland doesn't have many weaknesses, paired with a good defense.

I did however have a Pokemon with rock tomb taught from a TM I had received before getting to that gym, so after I grinded him up, (along with torkcoal for some extra defense) It was a breeze.
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