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Originally Posted by heretostay123 View Post
I've edited my SU. How's it this time?
2 things, why was he allowed in the basement of Jasmine's gym? o.o
Also, Groudon and Kyogre weren't walking round like 'HERE BE DEATH!' or something like that, there were more like, just, moving around in Hoenn like 'OVER THERE BE DEATH' if that makes sense... Yeah, they weren't actually destroying every region by visiting it, they just used their powers to their fullest :3

And, what Alik's dad told him... it just reminded me of this Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged scene:


Duke, no matter what happens to us, I want you to remember one thing...

In another few hours the sun will rise!

What the eff does that mean?!

I don't know, but it's true!

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