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Quote originally posted by dracoflare:
After reading many fanfictions from other authors and my own, I must say I have missed your writing for the past two weeks or so. It's like eating homemade food after eating the flimsy food in my college food court lol.
Ah, you're too kind.

Quote originally posted by dracoflare:
I was surprised actually. In the last chapter when Teiresias failed to spot Lauren and Co., I thought he was betraying the organization for some hidden reason, but it seems that was not the case.
No, Teiresias is no friend of Lauren. It's just that... well, I can't say very much without giving things away, but something about Halley interferes with the way he perceives people.

Quote originally posted by dracoflare:
About his powers, based on the description, I believe it to be a Dark Pulse.

But then again you might have your own version of some other attack or it could be a completely different power.
I never actually thought what it might be. I just thought about what Teiresias is, and what sort of power might therefore be appropriate for him. It isn't intended to be any sort of Pokémon move in particular.

Quote originally posted by dracoflare:
Whatever it was, it was definitely scary. Those descriptions are really amazing and did what they ought to do.
Thank you. I spend more time writing Teiresias than on any other character; since it's in his nature to inspire fear in others and prey upon them in that way, I've been trying to reflect that in the way I write about him. And I'm not particularly used to writing fear, so it takes me a while.

Quote originally posted by dracoflare:
I liked your intro of Cheren and Bianca, I am glad that you are using both of them. I am really looking forward for their involvement in the next chapter, or the coming chapters.
Me too. We'll be seeing a lot of them soon enough - and through different eyes, too.

Quote originally posted by dracoflare:
I wonder how the government agent and Teiresias managed to catch up with Lauren though. But I can guess that, them being supported by the organization hidden in the dark, it is not much of a surprise. They could have taken a flight or something? Not sure.
Ah, I know exactly how they got there, but I won't tell anyone just yet. You'll find out soon enough.

Quote originally posted by dracoflare:
I know life's a *****, but I am looking forward for your next update!
A masterly bit of understatement there. My life has changed recently, and I'm only just getting used to the fact that my social life now requires a far greater expenditure of time than it used to, owing to the iniquities of public transport. I do try and write on trains and buses, but I can't work properly unless I'm typing; the screen is an extension of my mind, where I can cut, add and rearrange the words continually until I get finished sentences. I'm terrible at just getting down a story and editing it later; I always have to edit as I go along.

Anyway. I must away!


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