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Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
*Revives Club using CPR* Phew.It's been a really long time since a new topic came around so here's another one n_n.

What Bird Pokemon family do you think is the most underrated?
Farfetch'd Fearow! I use Fearow in my OU team and it kicks butt because no one expects it <3 It has great Attack and even better Speed, and with access to the Sniper ability and the move Drill Run it can get some incredibly powerful hits in. It's a difficult Pokémon to make bulky but it has huge potential as a physical sweeper with moves like Drill Run, Drill Peck and Return and it's high Speed, plus it has access to U-Turn for those Pokémon that it can't quite kill, so it's very versatile and in my opinion a very strong and underrated Pokémon. It's the only Flying type with access to Drill Run which is a huge advantage and really boosts Fearow's capabilities a lot. If you guys haven't tried it then I certainly suggest it to you; with a little luck and the right support it's a surprisingly strong Pokémon.

Anyone here agree? :D